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So he flashed those puppy dog eyes, and bam! You have a brand new, energetic, s]]><![CDATA[hoe chewing, super cute windstorm fur monster. Puppies are a lot of responsibility, but don’t worry, they also make for fun and adventurous running partners! Before you head out to the local dog park, remember that growing puppies need lots of nourishment, so bring plenty of food and water along with you. Water is most important whether it’s a hot day or you’re going to be very active with your new pup. He will need about 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight!

Outdoor Adventures For Your New Puppy: Take a hike! Your pup will love exploring the trails, sights, and sounds of nature. Be sure to wait until he’s at least 16 weeks old and vaccinated before heading into the woods.

Row, row, row your boat! Swimming in open water can be dangerous for a new puppy as he may tire easily, but a boat ride is fun for everyone! Supply lots of fresh bottled water on your boat ride, so he doesn’t drink any contaminated lake or river water. Take precautions just as you would with children, and get your pup a doggie floatation vest (yes, they do exist).

Making friends at the dog park is great for your pup, it can help to socialize him and also burn off excess puppy energy! Be sure to have him up to date with all vaccinations before safely visiting the park, usually at 4 months of age. Never let your pup off his leash when encountering new potential playmates, because making new friends can sometimes be scary and overwhelming at first! As your pup becomes more comfortable with your local park, you can give him more freedom to explore.

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