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Congrats on scheduling your very first Whisker Session!

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Now I know this will be a slam dunk session, because you are an adorable superstar! But before you get in front of that camera, here are a few tips and information that will prepare you for your first portrait session with me:

To your family: I recommend photographing at your home, a local park, or somewhere with special meaning to you and your pet. Natural light is not only the most beautiful source of light, but is a low-stress situation for most pets. Some animals react to studio strobe lighting, and some do not, so working outdoors is often best. If you have a cat or pup who is strictly an indoor pet, I will gladly bring studio lighting to your home or use natural window light when available.

Don’t be shy! Call me to discuss possible shooting locations and ideas you may have. You’d be surprised, I am just as enthusiastic about your pet as you are! The more I know about your furry best friend, the easier it will be to capture his or her unique personality. Whether it be catching a frisbee, tug of war, or just lounging in his favorite spot in the back yard, I want to catch the moments that matter most to you!

Now, I can keep up for the most part, but I’m no olympic athlete, so please remember to walk your pup just before his session to eliminate any excess energy. Also, bring along a water bottle. Dogs tend to stick their tongues out at the camera when parched, so keep some H2O handy. Consider calling up a friend or family member to come with you; having an extra set of hands, especially with multiple pets is a big help! Bring your dog or cats favorite toy and a few of her favorite treats for last resort coaxing. Also, let me know if your pet has any allergies and cannot eat your garden variety milkbone, as I will have plenty on hand to reward your little model when his session is finished.

Above all, relax and have fun! Whisker Sessions are hard work, but they are also exciting and rewarding. I can’t wait to meet you and the star of the show!

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