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Did you know that your cat spends nearly 5 hours a day grooming herself? And roughly 16 hours asleep? Cats are incredibly clean by nature, but sometimes even the overzealous OCD feline needs a spa day. Here are some of the benefits of regularly grooming your cat:

– Keep her coat and skin clean and in excellent condition

– Reduce the amount of hair on your clothing and furniture

– Decrease hairballs

– Help allergy sufferers tolerate your cat

– Reduce damage and injury from sharp toenails

– Prevent uncomfortable mats

– Discover health problems such as wounds, fleas, ticks, or rashes

– Most important, spend quality time with your kitten!

As a self proclaimed cat lady, I personally recommend the FURminator Deshedding Tool, costing around $45.00. Money well spent, whether you have a long or short haired cat at home. ┬áThis brush is used and recommended by groomers and veterinarians, reducing shedding up to 90%! What’s not to love about less cat hair on the couch?


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