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Logan’s Choice


Logan, Office Assistant with a Masters in Adorable

Every week, I should be buying groceries or putting gas in my car…but instead I’m at the local Pet Suppy Store purchasing Grade A food and unnecessary, but ADORABLE toys. All in hopes that every Friday is like Christmas morning for my spoiled rotten cat, Miss Logan. Kickaroos, Wubba Huggas, Crinkle Tents…needless to say, she has more toys than a toddler. So, in honor of my overly pampered feline, here are a few of her favorite things:

Disclaimer: Purchasing all items on this list will result in an ungrateful, needy, spoiled rotten cat that will refuse to move out and get a job, living with you forever.


Pop-Up Play Cube ($9.99)


Yeowww! Catnip Banana ($6.50)


Petstages Twinkle Ball ($5.49)


Soccer Sponge Balls ($3.99)


Kong Kickeroo ($5.09)


Yeowww! Catnip Stinkies Sardines ($3.00/each)


FroliCat Dart Automatic Rotating Laser ($28.00)


For several awesome toys on this list, and much more, check out my friends at Nashville Pet Products Center!

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