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The Nashville Paw Magazine Cover Dog Search never disappoints! I had so much fun again this year being the photographer and meeting 116 pups and their people. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us in the beautiful Lennox Village despite the chance of rain, and a special congratulations to Cocoa, our 2015 Cover Dog Winner! Marshmallow took home the 2015 Crowd Favorite award, and I just finished with our special cover and feature shoot with both gorgeous pups. I wish I could share some sneak peeks, but for now, a recap of the Cover Dog Search will have to do.

2015 Cover Dog Search Winner – Cocoa


2015 Crowd Favorite – Marshmallow


Just a few of my favorites from the day!



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This is the time of year when puppies are filling the shelters left and right, and we are all tempted to adopt just one more family member! I personally have three to take care of, and although I wouldn’t have it any other way, it can be financially overwhelming at times. Thankfully, we have amazing resources like Pet Community Center that offer low cost spay and neuter programs, as well as affordable vaccinations, and heartworm, flea and tick preventatives. For less than $65, you can do your part as a responsible pet parent and help control the overpopulation problem. Not to mention receive a $10 microchip that will help get your pet home safely if trouble should arise! For more information on the services offered here in Nashville, please check out




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Summer time is around the corner! As the heat rises, be smart and keep your pets safe in these high temperatures. Here are a few basic summer safety tips:

– Never leave your pup in a parked car, not even for a minute. On an 85 degree day, after just 10 minutes with the window cracked, a parked car will easily reach 102 degrees and become a hot box causing irreversible organ damage or death.

– Watch the humidity. Animals pant to evaporate moisture from their lungs, which takes heat away from their body. If the humidity is too high, they are unable to cool themselves, and their temperature will skyrocket to dangerous levels.

– Limit exercise on hot days and provide plenty of shade and water while your dogs are outside.

– Cool your pet inside and out. You can easily make peanut butter popsicles for your dogs to enjoy, and invest in a cooling body wrap, vest, or mat to keep your pups core temperature down in the summer heat.





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For those of you who haven’t met my sidekick at our local pet friendly festivals and events around Nashville, here is your chance. Introducing Miss Gracie and her new sister/sidekick, Clarabelle! This Bearded Lady pack is a mischief making, car riding, whipped cream loving, face licking duo. Don’t let those brown eyes fool you, these ladies mean business if they don’t get their bully sticks and yard time. For more adventures with the schnauzer sisters, follow them on Instagram @yourbeardedlady




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The Green Issue is here, and Rembrandt is our adorable doxie cover model! Not only is he the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, but he was a little bundle of energy, playful as can be. Rembrandt was adopted a day before our photo session, but please check out the many other adoptable pups at Agape Animal Rescue!


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I had the pleasure of meeting the most handsome boy today! Meet Dexter, a fluffy and rambunctious golden doodle who melted my heart. I had forgotten how much energy it takes to photograph a puppy….but eventually we tired him out and got that perfect sleepy pose that I had been waiting for. Interested in a Whisker Session for yourself or a friend? Now is the perfect time to schedule or pick up a gift card for that special someone on your Valentine’s Day list:)





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Hello Loretta! This 16 year old kitty was surrendered by her family to a local shelter, and later brought into the Music City Animal Rescue family. Don’t let her age fool you, this spry girl is healthy, happy and looking for her forever home! Visit for more information on adopting Loretta, and to learn more about their senior cat program. Keep a look out for the newest issue of Nashville Paw Magazine, to hit stands later this month!


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I’m still playing catch up, but who doesn’t love to see a little more Christmas, dogs, and raising money for a great cause! Our 2nd Annual Holiday Pet Portraits fundraiser was a success, thanks to everyone who came out to support Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue. Together, we raised $673 to be used towards winter supplies and medical costs of the rescue! Now for just a few of my favorites….










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It’s been a bit hectic around here since the holidays, so let’s catch up! Meet Gabby, our cover girl for the December issue of Nashville Paw. Gabby is an adorable 11 year old mixed breed pup, brought into Animal House Veterinary Clinic by her guardians who had asked for her to be euthanized due to extreme circumstances. Thankfully, the staff convinced the family to surrender her so that they could place her into a new loving home. It’s been determined since that she is diabetic and has recently lost her eyesight, but is responding well to treatment! Sweet little Gabby is being fostered by the wonderful folks at Home Run Pet Care, and available for adoption through the FLUFF rescue group. For more info, visit


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Meet Hooray! This bundle of pure joy is an 11 month old Boxer mix, rescued from a puppy mill by The Humane Society of the United States – Tennessee. This sweet girl was born both blind and deaf, but I don’t think she knows it! Currently living in foster care at Camp Snooty, Hooray has the most amazing spirit I’ve ever encountered. She is fearless, joyful, and doesn’t miss a beat! It was a real pleasure to photograph this cover girl and to see her overcome life and loving every moment of it!






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Welcome to the family, Willimon Wonder and Brando Patron! I had the opportunity to spend some time with these adorable little boys after a portrait session at Camp Snooty last week, and oh my goodness, they are cute! Willimon and Brando will be up for adoption as soon as they receive their second round of shots, please contact for more information on adopting these sweetheartsIMG_3486_facebook


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Say hello to all 111 contestants in the 2014 Nashville Paw Magazine Cover Dog Search! It was a pleasure to photograph all of these amazing pups, and now it is your chance to vote for your Crowd Favorite by “liking” their photo on the Nashville Paw Magazine facebook page. The winner will be announced June 1st and will receive their very own Paw photo shoot and story featured in the Cover Dog issue! Here is the link to vote:

Love your pup’s photo? High resolution digital images are now available at the following site until June 1st!

Here are just a few of the many gorgeous pups that I met last weekend!



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I’m thrilled to be the official photographer for the 2014 Nashville Paw Magazine Cover Dog Search! Please come out with your pup and have your picture taken, Saturday May 10th from 1-4pm, at the Lenox Village Town Center Pavilion. Entry fee is $20 per dog, and the winner will be on the next cover of Nashville Paw, photographed by me! Every entry will also receive an offer for my Summer Mini Whisker Sessions, so please stop by and say hello  :)


Nola Mae was our 2013 Cover Dog Search winner, and Sasha was our crowd favorite!

Screen shot 20140325 at 2.14.51 PM

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After a stressful week, I headed over to Camp Snooty for some major puppy therapy. Those little whiskers, the puppy breath and the way they snuggle into your neck, makes everything else melt away. Pik and Shovel are sweetheart Chug brothers with major underbites and major curiosity to match! Spooner is a low riding Corgi/Spaniel mix who is the best cuddle buddy I’ve ever met. I didn’t want to put him down, I mean, look at that face! But don’t let those shy eyes trick you for a moment, he is full of energy and spunk:)For more information, please contact








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